Yeast infection and BV during pregnancy: Safe natural treatment

Yeast infection and BV during pregnancy: Safe natural treatment

natural treatment for yeast infection and BV during pregnancyQ: I’m 3 months pregnant and VERY FRUSTRATED with these yeast infections. I was diagnosed with BV in April and given antibiotics, then 1 month later I got a yeast infection and a UTI, and prescribed with Diflucan. I then got pregnant and have been unable to have sex due to the burning/itching/pain. I refused antibiotics since I know the dangers of antibiotics early on in pregnancy and have tried to take natural supplements to assist with these problems. BUT I’m still not well. Would the BV starter kit be harmful for me to take during my pregnancy? Are the ingredients all natural and free of any antibiotics?

A: The BV Starter Kit is not recommended for pregnant women.  This is because the Yeast Arrest and the Herbal Suppositories from either kit are not indicated for pregnant women because no research has been done to find out if it is safe or not. (it is unethical to do tests on pregnant women).  So, we do not know how the herbs could affect the fetus.

All the other products in the kit are good and supportive products during pregnancy and I would recommend that you get started with those right away.  The HLC Intensive probiotic has been used as a suppository by pregnant women without any problems.

So to help you get started here are the list of products to go ahead and get from the protocol.  I am going to also include some homeopathic remedies.

  • Alli-Cinn by Pharmax – 1 cap with two different meals.  This helps to kill yeast and bad bacteria in the intestinal tract.  This should also provide some help with your UTI.
  • PaleoFiber Powder Plain – work up to 1 Tbsp, 1-2 times a day.  This helps move out dead and dying yeast and bacteria to keep the intestines healthier and prevent re-occurrences.
  • Califlora Calendula Gel – is a homeopathic topical gel you can use to help soothe the irritation around your vaginal opening.
  • Can Albex 30X – this is the homeopathic remedy to help your body mount an immune response to fight the yeast.  This is safe during pregnancy to take internally.  This is from our sister website.  Take 10 drops under the tongue two to three times daily, 20 minutes away from meals, for six weeks.  Finish treatment protocol with Can Albex 500X.

All these products are natural and free of antibiotics.

As for your UTI, we do have supplements for this as well, but they are not indicated for use during pregnancy.  Therefore, it is really important to stop the sugar and fruit intake in your diet and to increase your consumption of unsweetened cranberry juice.  It is extremely bitter, so you can add a little stevia or Xylitol to sweeten it, neither of these sweeteners affect yeast or bacterial overgrowth.  Be sure to eat plenty of vegetables and low sugar fruit (berries, papaya, and grapefruit) and drink plenty of purified water!

Please don’t hesitate to call or email if you have more questions or need help with your order.  And if you haven’t already, you may want to check out our section on Pregnancy Nutrition for other helpful supportive nutrients for a healthy pregnancy.

And, sign up for this wonderful online class on Nutrition For Pregnancy which covers very important topics you need to know about for optimal health of you and your baby.

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