Silica for Hair Loss: Will Silica Help Reduce Hair Loss?

Silica for Hair Loss: Will Silica Help Reduce Hair Loss?

Silica Help Reduce Hair Loss?Q: May I ask a question about silica please?  I am considering it for falling hair.  My age is 46 and I have been experiencing hair loss (at the root, not breakage) on and off for the last four years.  I understand age, heredity, stress, medications, diet, hormones, etc. can all be factors, but if there is something I can do to potentially stop further hair from falling in the future and possibly prevent some bone loss, I would consider it.

A: Hair loss can be a sign of many things, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalance, low thyroid function, heavy metal toxicity, and oxidative stress to name the main things.

Hair loss can be attributed to other imbalances besides estrogen and progesterone decreasing with age, adrenal fatigue can also play into hair loss.

By not consulting with you by phone, I’m not aware of your all your health concerns, but I’m glad you are taking a good multi, like theWomen’s Twice Daily Essentials Multi by DFH + B-Supreme by DFH.  This should help your situation in regards to correcting nutritional deficiencies, and the FemGuard in the women’s supplement helps to support better female hormonal balance. The B-Supreme has a good amount of biotin.  Biotin can play a key role in preventing hair loss.

However, I don’t find much in the research about silicia reducing hair loss.  It has been found to be involved in some aspect of collagen synthesis or stabilization and/or extracellular matrix mineralization.  This is helpful for things like bone health & development, and brittle fingernails & breaking hair, and smoothing skin.

A daily dose of 10mg of silicon appeared to improve the symptoms of brittle nail syndrome.

Human research has shown that increased dietary intake of silicon is statistically significantly associated with increased bone mineral density (BMD) in men, premenopausal women, and postmenopausal women taking hormone replacement therapy. Other human studies have demonstrated an association between silicon intake and trabecular bone volume and BMD in osteoporotic subjects and between markers of bone formation and BMD in women with low bone mass.

This said, if you feel it important to take silica to help with these areas, then we do have a product for this:

  • Silica Complex by Now – This has some other supportive minerals in addition to 40mg of silica per tablet, the recommended dose is up to 3 tablets per day, but since you are well supported with the minerals you are getting in your Women’s Twice Daily supplement, I would suggest only 1 tablet of this per day so you do not build up excessive amounts of other minerals.

I could recommend something to help support the detox pathways of your liver.  This could be helpful for you to take for 3-6 months to improve it’s ability to remove toxins which may be high:

  • Amino D-Tox by DFH – start off with 1 capsule with each meal per day for a while, after 1-2 weeks, you can increase this to 2 capsules per meal.

I would also like to recommend this lab test for your consideration:

  • Essential Nutritional Metabolic Tests by Metametrix – when you go to this link on our website, you’ll see 2 different tests described.  I would recommend the Option B: Basic Metabolic Profile.  This could be a good test for you to see where you stand nutritionally, and with your detoxification status.  Please read all the tabs.

Hope this is helpful.  Let me know if you have any questions about this test after you review this information.

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