Why Should I take Carnitine during Pregnancy?

Why Should I take Carnitine during Pregnancy?

Carnitine during PregnancyQ: I am a Canadian Customer and I’d like to ask what carnitine supplement should I use during pregnancy?  I was looking on your site and saw that carnitine is recommended during pregnancy but I couldn’t find any on the Canadian site.

A: It is helpful to use carnitine to help improve insulin resistance in pregnant women, which is a major factor in gestational diabetes in pregnant women.  Many women are at high risk for developing gestational diabetes during pregnancy if they are over weight at the beginning of their pregnancy, have diabetes in the family, or if there is excess weight gain during pregnancy due to excess calorie / carb consumption.

This product would be ideal to take, if you fall into any of these risk factors: Carnitine Synergy by DFH 2 caps / day – however, it is not available on our Canadian website.  For some unknown reason, Health Canada does not allow this supplement to be sold in Canada that I’m aware of at this time.  I have another Canadian client who purchases L-Carnitine from our US website through our International Shipping program, and so she is able to get it that way.  Please see this link on Shipping FAQs, then click on International Shipping to read more about how this program works.

By using this program, you can order other products from the US website as well if you wish.  I would recommend purchasing the amount you would need to get you through your pregnancy to reduce the number of times you would need to order, as this would reduce the shipping costs.   One bottle of Carnitine Synergy would last you 60 days (2 months).

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