Which Unda might help my son who has a 7 month wait for Adenoid surgery?

Which Unda might help my son who has a 7 month wait for Adenoid surgery?

recommended Unda for my son who has a 7 month wait for Adenoid surgeryQ. I am inquiring what Unda numbers you would recommend for my son who has infected tonsils and adnoids. He is on a waiting list for surgery but that is a 7 month waiting list. He is vomiting from the pus on the adnoids I am sure, and his breath is strong.

A. Here is what I’m recommending for him with the Unda’s and the infection in his tonsils and adenoids. It is important he take 5 drops on the tongue of each of these 3 times a day 20 minutes away from food or brushing teeth.

  • Unda 2– This helps the open the drainage for the kidneys to help filter out the infection and toxins in the circulation of the blood. This is indicated for all infections and inflammation and to improve the overall function of the kidneys.
  • Unda 37 – This helps activate his immune system, including respiratory and digestive systems. This is known as the UNDA antibiotic because it defends against infections.
  • Unda 312 – This is specific to the throat, and all infections/abscesses in the throat.

If his infection gets worse with fever, please consider adding Unda 15 to the protocol and try to increase the dose up to 6 times a day. Unda 15 can be used if his condition becomes acute. It does not suppress the fever, it helps make his fever more efficient in killing the pathogens causing the infection so the fever doesn’t have to last as long. If you do have to use this remedy, I would advise you to find a naturopathic physician who is experienced with using Undas to help you through this period safely.

  • HTPY Thymus Drops by Genestra – this homeopathic remedy may also be helpful to add to this protocol for additional immune system support. Five drops under the tongue two to three times daily, 20 minutes away from meals. You could get this to have on hand once he runs out of the Undas to help keep his immune system stimulated.

For his low iron, I would recommend this Iron Supplement by Genestra. It is 40mg of absorbable iron. I would give him 1 capsule EVERY OTHER day until his infection subsides and his iron stores are re-established. At that point you could give him a capsule every 4th day to keep him from becoming anemic again.

For his digestive issues, you didn’t really go into what is happening there, but a good probiotic can be helpful in improving most digestive issues. I would recommend HMF Intensive first for 1-2 months, 1 cap a day with meals. He may need to stay on it longer depending on how much improvement he gets. Once his health has improved we could put him on a maintenance probiotic later on.

Please keep me informed as to how he is doing once you get him started on these. Hopefully, some of this will help his snoring improve too. It sounds like his whole immune system is very imbalanced. As time goes on it would be good to try to resolve the root problems for his immune system dysfunction and help restore his health.

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