What remedy can one use for a 6 year old child who bed wets?

What remedy can one use for a 6 year old child who bed wets?

remedy  for a 6 year old child who bed wetsQ. What remedy can one use for a 6 year old child who bed wets?

A. Bed wetting is not uncommon for young kids, yet we don’t know for sure why it occurs. Some of the possible causes include food allergies, nutritional deficiencies, stress/psychological problems, bladder infections, and drinking too much liquid before bed. It could be a combination of multiple factors. Here are some nutritional suggestions which may help.

Remove common food allergens—wheat-gluten, soy and dairy. If you need help with meal planning, I am available for a consultation. Also begin your child on a probiotic called HMF Neuro, by Genestra. HMF Neuro has special bacterial strains to help better break down gluten and casein. If your child does in fact have food allergies/sensitivities, this probiotic will lessen the problem. And regardless of food allergies, it is extremely helpful to help your child absorb more nutrients from diet. Take 1 capsule, 2 times a day with food (or the powder form).

Amino Acid Complex by Genestra—this is a targeted protein supplement to help strengthen the bladder muscle. I recommend 3 capsules daily, in divided doses if you can.

Cal Mag Liquid 2 by Genestra—this is a tasty liquid which will provide your child with some additional calcium and magnesium needed to relieve muscle spasms which may be contributing to the problem. Additionally, both minerals are involved in brain function and stress reduction. 1 tsp twice a day.

Cranberry Plus by Genestra—to help ensure a bladder infection is not a contributory factor, have him/her take 1 cap twice daily. If he/she cannot swallow the caps, consider either opening and mixing in water/juice, or let them drink pure cranberry juice—¼ cup daily.

Other tips: No fluids or Popsicles, jello, etc. before bed—reduce fluids after 6 pm. Get more fluids early in the day.

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