What product might ease my Shingles and build up my immunity?

What product might ease my Shingles and build up my immunity?

product might build up my immunity and ease ShinglesQ. I have a lot of stress in my life from work and now have developed shingles. What can I do to build up my immunity and pain from the shingles, do you have a product for this?

A. I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with Shingles. You will definitely want to get more rest and do some stress relief. In addition, there are nutritional supplements you can take to help with this problem. Also I have listed some dietary interventions below to help.

  1. EC + Immune Complex is a basic nutrient-herb formula to support the immune system-See dosing instructions.
  2. Amino L-lysine is an amino acid which limits the virus’ ability to reproduce-Take 2 caps three times a day.
  3. Calendula Cream or Cicatrisane Cream. Use topically if desired.
  4. Super EFA liquid—Use 1 tbs daily to help reduce inflammation, promote healing and immune health.
  5. HMF Probiotics—Use 1 tsp daily to help support immune health.
  6. Nutrition—
    Use more coconut milk and oil, which contains anti-viral properties.
    Also eliminate chocolate and nuts, which are high in arginine which encourages herpes virus growth.
    Eat plenty of organic proteins, green veggies, low sugar fruits like berries, and avocado.

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