What natural product will help painful canker sores in my mouth?

What natural product will help painful canker sores in my mouth?

Are there any natural solutions for painful canker sores in my mouth?Q. I have been getting painful canker sores in my mouth most of my life. Are there any natural solutions?

A. Yes! Find out what food sensitivies you have. Common ones which cause canker sores are gluten (wheat products), and citrus. Taking MSM Powder (raspberry)by DFH daily will help heal them quickly and prevent them in the future.

Please see this testimonial:
“I have been a long time sufferer of a severe affliction of canker sores…When I would get a bad attack I would have an entire mouth full of sores all over my mouth. I would not be able to speak for days… I get canker sores when I eat wheat products. Pizza, donuts, bread, etc. bring on an attack for me…However, even without eating wheat, or in the instances where I would have one slice of pizza, I would often still get periodic smaller attacks of 1 to 4 sores that would last for a week or two… I’ve suffered with 6 to 10 of these smaller attacks per year.

Thankfully, finally, about four months ago I read that canker sores are involved the breakdown of collagen in the tongue. At the time I knew that MSM was involved in the rebuilding of collagen. I put two and two together and started taking MSM three times per day, 10 to 15 grams per day (3 teaspoons per day), and since then I have had ZERO outbreaks, EVEN AFTER EATING WHEAT! The quality of life change has been fantastic. To not have to worry about getting a canker sore, even if I cheat a little and have a slice of pizza, is a feeling only someone who has suffered as long as I have can appreciate. I now have shared my success with other canker sore sufferers I know and EVERY SINGLE ONE has experienced the same remarkable success with MSM. I am AMAZED!

The MSM that I used was a great tasting raspberry flavor MSM sweetened only with xylitol. Xylitol also has a lot of oral benefits so this unique formulation is perfect for anyone with the same problem…. PLEASE SHARE THE WORD ON MSM!!! No one else should suffer as bad I had for so long when such a common and easily accessible cure exists.”
-Jonathan L., Trumbull, CT


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