What is the shelf life of fish oil liquid or capsules?

What is the shelf life of fish oil liquid or capsules?

 shelf life of fish oil, liquid or capsulesQ: I wanted to order the Pharmax fish oil in liquid as well as in capsule and I want to order a few bottles to save for shipping but I concern about the shelf life. Should I store the unopened ones in the room temperature or in refrigerator?

A: I double checked with Pharmax/Seroyal to verify.  They said shelf life unopened at room temperature is 6 months for both the liquid & caps if the liquid is kept out of the light. They said it would be best if clients do not buy more fish oil than they would use in 6 months because they get fresh batches of fish oil all the time, and it is better for people to take the freshest fish oil possible rather than to buy it and leave it sit longer then 6 months unopened and in cool storage.

Q: After it’s open, what is the shelf life before it goes rancid?

A: Once opened, the liquid will lasts longer than 3 months (they said it should be consumed within 6 months) if kept away from light & refrigerated.

Q: Do  I need to store the capsule ones in the refrigerator?

A: Fish oil capsuleswill last up to a year (or longer) if stored in the refrigerator unopened & 6-9 months in the refrigerator after it is opened.  These are more stable due to the gelatin capsule.  He can certainly take them when he travels, they will last up to 1-2 months in normal room temperatures after they are opened.

Q: Can I store it in the freezer?

A: They do not recommend storing fish oil in the freezer (neither do I).

Q: What about the expiration date on the product, if it shows two years shelf life, do we go by that or it’s only 6-9 months?

A: They said, they do know that the liquid & capsules will keep their potency up to 2 years in the refrigerator unopened, if kept away from the light bulbs in the fridge, thus the expiratory date is up to 2 years if someone does have it around that long under these conditions.

Q: Please clarify. Also,  we live in mid-west and the weather is hot now, will shipping in this hot weather (even hotter inside the delivery truck) damage the fish oil before getting to us?

A: They do hold up well during ground shipping in hot climates.  You can select a cold pack when you check out online for shipping for extra assurance.   You may want to also select 2nd day air if you want to make sure they are not in transit for longer than it would take to ground ship to your location.  Summer shipping schedule for ground can be found here in Shipping FAQs.

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