What is recommended for kids prone to respiratory and sinus infections?

What is recommended for kids prone to respiratory and sinus infections?

supplements for kids prone to sinus and respiratory infection Q. I need help with my baby’s ear infections and respiratory infections, colds and mucus problems. What products do you recommend for children with weak lungs prone to chronic sinus and lung infections?

A. Here are the recommendations for I have for your 12 month olds’ chronic lung infections and to strengthen her system after all those antibiotics:

Vitamin A Liquid—1 drop a day during an infection, then 1 drop per week for maintenance of her weak and underdeveloped lungs

Oregacyn liquid—for lung and bronchial infections, give her up to 5 drops 2x daily mixed in her food/drink. If she will only tolerate 2 drops, then do the best you can with it. This product only needs to be taken during an infection, yet she can take some preventively as well to keep her system strong- 5 drops every couple days. The herbs are filled with minerals and vitamins.

HLC High Potency Powder by Pharmax (120 grams)—½ teaspoon twice daily with her food/drink for 1 month, then down to ½ teaspoon per day maintenance dose. This will replenish the good bacteria in her system and strengthen her immune system so she can fight off infections better.

OtoPlex by Weber and Weber for ear infections. This is a very gentle homeopathic remedy which is used in Europe as first line treatment for children’s ear infections. You can read the research and published data.

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