What are your top priorities for nutrients?

What are your top priorities for nutrients?

top priorities for nutrientsQ. What are your top priorities for nutrients?

A. The Basics:

Twice Daily Essential Packets by DFH

FiPro Ground Organic Flax Seeds by Oakmont Labs

Probiotic Synergy by DFH (if you have some gastrointestinal complaints)

The Energy Trio

These work great synergistically, but you can start with one and gradually add the others over time if you feel you’d like more energy or you want to include them for heart health.

Carnitine Synergy capsules by DFH

CoQ10 Q-Avail 60mg by DFH

Lipoic Acid Supreme by DFH

Brain Nutrients: Brain Vibrance

Robert Crayhon created a packet which contains everything your brain could possibly need to keep working optimally. It’s called Brain Vibrance. Excellent product which I take during conferences and when I’m under stress.

If your mind has a hard time relaxing and needs to be calmed, skip the Brain Vibrance and focus on GABA neurotransmitter and Sedivitax herbs which include Valerian and Passionflower

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