What affect will Monolaurin have on my Epstein Bar Virus?  Any other suggestion?

What affect will Monolaurin have on my Epstein Bar Virus? Any other suggestion?

Any other suggestion for monolaurin effect on my Epstein Bar Virus? Q. I was diagnosed with the EBV (Epstein Bar Virus) about a year and a half ago and had many symptoms such as headaches, chills, tiredness and persistent nausea. I took some supplements which helped a little and am trying Monolaurin now. Will it kill the virus, as well as the nausea and chronic fatigue? Is there anything else I should take which is anti-viral and good for my immune system?

A. Monolaurin is very effective in limiting the growth of EBV and is recommended in your case. Yet it is not the only thing necessary to help you recover. EBV will continue to live in your body for life, similar to the other herpes viruses. Because of this, you will need to take other measures to support your immune system, such as daily vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and essential fatty acids, in addition to rest, healthy mental imagery, and healthy diet.

Eat plenty of healthy protein and good fats daily (such as Coconut Oil and Omega 3s) since they are all important for immune function. Organic eggs are a great food for you, as is organic butter, wild caught salmon, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, avocado, coconut oil, etc. You should eat at very least 8 oz. per day of animal protein.

Supplements I recommend are:

  • Monolaurin by Ecological Formulas: Take 2-6 capsules twice daily between meals.
  • L-lysine by DFH: Take two caps per day in split doses.
    This is an excellent antiviral in addition to Monolaurin. By the way, Monolaurin is also found in coconut oil, so you would benefit from using coconut oil for cooking and baking.
  • Immunitone Plus by DFH: Take 2 per day. This contains many immune boosting and re-energizing herbs, which is much needed after this long battle your immune system has endured.
  • Whey Cool Protein Powder: This is organic whey protein, which is raw and active in helping the immune system. It would be good if you could have a protein shake every morning including this, frozen blueberries, some coconut milk, and the Cod liver oil I list below. (it tastes good!)
  • Finest Pure Cod Liver Oil, by Pharmax: Take 1 Tbs. daily in your smoothie or straight off a spoon. This contains both omega-3s- proven to support immune function- and vitamins A and D, needed for healthy immune function.
  • HLC High Potency Probiotics, by Pharmax: Take 1/2 tsp daily. You can blend it into your shake or take it off a spoon. It is delicious. This are good bacteria, needed to support your immune system. If you are deficient, which most people are, than your immune system has to allocate some of its “forces” to your gut, and therefore has a tougher time dealing with your virus.

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