Was I supposed to follow the entire BV protocol listed on your website?

Q: Can I use parts of your BV program to treat BV or do I have to follow the entire protocol? I used 1 Candaclear suppository each night for 6 nights (I got the package that contained only 6), and the day after my last treatment, the heavy yellow discharge came back. It did seem to work during the treatment (although I had a small amount of white discharge, I thought due to the suppositories), but the odor and heavy yellow discharge was gone. Now the heavy yellow discharge is back. Should I follow the entire BV protocol listed on your website?

A. In order to ensure that you completely treat your BV, I recommend you follow the entire BV protocol listed on the website. This is how hundreds of my clients have been able to remain BV free after years of suffering. There is a specific reason why each product has been included into the program and why each part should be followed. I encourage you to start with the Boric Acid suppositories and Alli-cinn, and then move onto the HLC CandaClear suppositories.

There is always a chance that following just parts of the program can be successful, but in your case, it didn’t seem to work. This is partly because it is important to kill off the bad organisms plus replenish the good ones, as well as boost the immune system. By just using HLC Candaclear, you were mostly replenishing the good strains, but not aggressively killing off the bad strains in the vagina and your gastrointestinal tract (GI). Your GI does transmit organisms into the vagina via normal migration between openings. So it is important to have good GI health since it affects vaginal health.

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