Vitamins for heartburn instead of kapidex

Vitamins for heartburn instead of kapidex

heartburn vitaminsQ. I’m currently taking Kapidex and would like some more natural way to improve my heartburn and indigestion. What do you recommend?

A. Often heartburn comes about because your stomach is not putting out ENOUGH of it’s own hydrochloric acid to begin with, which delays stomach emptying because food is sitting in the stomach, and then pushes the acidic mixture up against the esophageal sphincter, which then makes you feel like you have heartburn.

Taking a little Betaine HCL can help improve this situation without going on any stomach acid blockers. This is where western medicine gets it wrong very often.

The goal is to improve digestion, improve response to food allergies, gut rebuilding and repopulating with probiotics and other beneficial nutraceuticals and to improve urinary tract health with the following:

Digestzyme (has Betaine HCL 200mg) – this would help with the breakdown of foods in your stomach & intestines. The Kapidex is lowering your stomach’s output of acid, and it is likely your food is not being digested well at all. You could try using this while you are taking Kapidex to help with food digestion. If you find it causes any burning in the stomach, then you should discontinue and just use the Plant Digestive Enzymes. You might want to discuss with your doctor about reducing your dose of Kapidex and eventually getting you off it.

HLC MindLinx – 1-2 caps a day.

L-Glutamine Powder – gradually work up the dose, can eventually go up to 10 tsp/ a day in divided doses for healing the intestinal wall. Remember to mix Xylitol or stevia to add sweetness when mixing with water.

Aloe Vera 200x – for immune modulating effects and to help with intestinal healing. Work up to 3 caps a day.

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