Types of Krill Oil

Types of Krill Oil

krill oil typesQ: What krill oil do you recommend?

A: We do have several Krill Oil supplements on our site.  This has been the best one we carry for a long time:Krill Oil (XanthOmega) softgels by Designs For Health (DFH) $54.00 / 60 softgels. – 2 caps have 12mg of Natural Astaxanthin.  This is typically much more of this antioxidant than other krill oil supplements, which only have it microgram amounts (mcg’s).Recently Seroyal/Genestra came out with their own krill oil which is a bit less $$, and though the level of Astaxanthin is much lower than the DFH, and their ingredients do have some sulfites, which some people have to avoid due to allergies.  Though they do source from suppliers who use sustainable capture trawling to obtain the krill oil.  Here is a link to their product:Krill Oil by Genestra  $49.90 / 60 caps – uses a hard cap technology which minimizes krill oil sensitivity to heat and humidity while reducing oxidation potential. Limits odor, eliminates fishy aftertaste and reduces reflux to improve patient compliance.We do carry these Krill Oils which are also less expensive and have about the same level of Astaxanthin as the Genestra product, but no sulfites:Krill Oil 500 mg Softgels by Protocol For Life Balance – $34 / 60 softgels

Krill Oil Seaweed Softgels by Jarrow Formulas – $33.95 / 60 softgels

Each of these contain about the same level of phospholipids, EPA & DHA per softgel or capsule.  Also, Designs for Health’s Krill Oil was made using a unique cold-extraction process that converts it into a stable oil. This process protects the lipids from alteration and avoids peroxidation. It is free of heavy metals and organohalide pollutants. It is extremely pure. This product does not cause reflux or regurgitation seen with common fish oil supplements.

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