Toddler Vitamins and Calcium to Prevent Cold and Flu

Toddler Vitamins and Calcium to Prevent Cold and Flu

calcium and vitamins for toddler to prevent cold and fluQ. Could you recommend a good toddler multivitamin and a toddler calcium supplement for my 2 year to keep her immune system strong against cold and flu? She does eat her fruits and veggies.

A. I’m so glad your little daughter is eating her fruits and veggies! I hope she keeps eating lots of them over the years. I would like to make a few suggestions for you to consider.

These are all important nutrients that are often difficult to obtain from diet alone. I would suggest you give this a try for her. Here is a link you can review:

Multi-Vitamin & Mineral by ChildLife

    – I would recommend giving her 2 tsp a day with a meal. It’s more complete than most children’s vitamins because it contains vitamin K, choline, and selenium.

In addition to this, I would suggest adding this mineral formula to help support her bone growth, and the additional vitamin D can also help her immune function:

  • Cal/Mag w/Cofactors by Pure Encapsulations – this is a powder formula that you mix with water. It is sweetened with Xylitol, which is a sugar alcohol (though no alcohol in it). Xylitol also help prevent dental carries, so an added benefit. The minerals are highly absorbable, and well utilized by the bones. If she has little calcium sources in her diet, you might want to give her 1 scoop a day (divided in 2 doses), but if she has a fair amount of dietary calcium, then 1/2 scoop a day. Additional vitamin D in this will also help support her immune system.
  • Baby Vitamin D drops – one drop a day can also help further support her immune system and growth. However, she may be getting exposed to sunlight daily when she is playing outside, so if this is the case, you may not want to give her these drops on those days. You can use 1-2 drops a day. We are finding that many people do not get enough vitamin D and need to supplement. Weakened immune systems often result from a deficient amount of vitamin D.


  • Muco Coccinium, is fine if you would like to continue though cold and flu season, though it is coming to an end soon.
  • HLC High Potency probiotic – 1/4 tsp a day is a good maintenance dose, and you can increase this if she starts to feel poorly to 1/2 tsp once or twice a day.

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