Teeth Discolouration in Infants & Children and Well Water

Teeth Discolouration in Infants & Children and Well Water

Children and Well Water, Teeth Discolouration in Infants Q: Our infant has four teeth – all with streaks of brown!  It is so disheartening.

Quick info – she was not breastfed unfortunately.  We have well water that is filtered in which i prepared her infant formula with starting at one month old (no city water which is good because it has fluoride which I hear can cause this).  If you have any information on this subject or think she needs something to supplement, I’m all ears?!

A: It is difficult to give advice to you on this since I really don’t know all about you & your infant.  However, well water can have a lot of minerals which can lead to browning of the teeth, including fluoride, which naturally occurs in the soil and ground water.  If your filter is filtering out fluoride, it may be lessened.  Not all filters do remove fluoride, you have to specifically choose one that does to lessen the amount that can get through.

I grew up in an area of the country that had a lot of minerals in the ground water, so my teeth were dark due to this.  Also, if you took certain medications when you were pregnant, this too can result in your infant having discolored teeth.

The vitamins (A & D) in the cod liver oil will help with teeth formation, but I noticed you purchased the one by Nordic Naturals, which is a good one, but lower in these vitamins than the one by Pharmax.  You may want to also give 1-2 drops/day of Carlson’s Baby Vitamin D if you have some so ensure her levels are good.

Another thing you may want to get her checked for is lead.  Some well water, and pipe fittings can have significant amounts of lead, other sources are on toys, old or imported pottery, paint, dust on pets, and even air.  Also, if you have high levels of lead in your body when you were pregnant with her, then she could have high levels too.  Have you ever been tested or have had her tested for lead levels?

Lead is chemically similar to minerals like iron, calcium, and zinc and displaces them from some of the slots they normally occupy in the body.  This leaves these minerals unable to perform their roles and damages many of the body systems, such as the kidneys, nervous system, and bone marrow.  If you have concerns after reading this, you should ask your doctor to test her levels.  If she is found to be high in lead, then you’ll need to take additional steps to protect her health and development.

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