Suggested lotion for toddler with itchy skin?  Eucerin or Aquaphor do not help.

Suggested lotion for toddler with itchy skin? Eucerin or Aquaphor do not help.

Suggested lotion for toddler with itchy skin?Q. My 2 year old has extremely dry patches all over, especially on his behind. He scratches so hard he draws blood. If I see him I always stop him, but he usually scratches in his sleep. I keep his fingernails clipped for the scratching part. I’ve tried Eucerin, Aquaphor, and various other lotions. Any suggestions on lotions etc to help with his uncomfortable itching. Thanks so much!

A. Ninety-five percent of kids and adults with extremely dry skin patches and eczema improve dramatically or have complete reversal in symptoms by targeting the root of the problem: Food allergies and/or Omega 3 fatty acid deficiency. Have you ever given your boy a good quality Cod Liver Oil? Infants and kids needs a LOT of healthy fats.

A 2 year old should be consuming at least 6 tablespoons of healthy fats daily including Cod Liver Oil. You can mix it into their food and they don’t even know it’s there. The good quality Cod Oil does not taste fishy (just oily). Pharmax is a great brand and their Finest Pure Cod Liver Oil is excellent. Coconut Oil is also fabulous for kids and skin health.

Here are some detailed recommendations from my site on essential healthy fats and how important they are for everything from brain health to immune system and the skin.

You will be blown away at the dramatic effect adding good oils to his diet can be for his skin. Your little body is just starving for them.

Removing foods he is sensitive to (i.e. pasteurized cow milk products) could also cause a huge improvement. Most Eczema is caused by or made worse by dairy. For over 10 years I have seen complete reversal by just removing foods causing the skin inflammation.

In summary, rubbing lotions on his skin or taking toxic medications will never really fix the problem until you correct the underlying cause of the severely dry skin patches. His skin symptom is a sign that something is wrong. I urge you to fix the problem from the inside out!

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