Silent Killers of Your Metabolism [Infographic ]

Silent Killers of Your Metabolism [Infographic ]

Your metabolism is responsible for turning calories into energy. A slow metabolism can lead to a build up of calories, stored as fat for later use. Ultimately, this leads to unwanted weight gain and, if unchecked, obesity. In the following infographic, we’re highlighting a number of factors that are wreaking havoc on your metabolism. Before we outline the specific factors, we’ll provide a brief overview of metabolism and obesity trends in America. From there, we’ll present in detail the most common factors that may be affecting your metabolism. This includes things like nutrition habits, sleep deprivation, stress, and unhealthy toxins. After we’ve gone through each factor, we’ll finish up by providing a few recommendations on how to improve your metabolism. While many factors can affect your metabolism, easy steps can be taken to reverse the trend, revive metabolism, help increase fat loss, and revitalize overall health.

Metabolism Silent Killer

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