3 Tips to End Seasonal Allergies

3 Tips to End Seasonal Allergies

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Runny nose. Itchy, watery eyes. Endless sneezing. Constant nose blowing. Total exhaustion.

These are the typical symptoms of seasonal allergies that are all too common this time of year.

Conventional medicine doesn’t have a lot to offer. Antihistamines like Benadryl and Tavist D can help, but they can cause drowsiness. Nasal decongestants frequently have side effects—restlessness, irritability, and insomnia are among the most common.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were some powerful natural treatment for seasonal allergies?

Well, there is. And it’s a bioflavonoid called quercetin. Combined with a few other things—including the delicious Dr. Starbuck’s Candied Fruit Peel, recipe below—it just might be your most powerful natural weapon against the annoying symptoms of seasonal allergies.

What Causes Allergies?

Seasonal allergies are characterized by inflammation of the mucous membranes in the nasal passages. Airborne pollens from grasses, flowers, weeds, trees, ragweed, and some chemicals are the typical culprits. So, allergy season officially begins whenever trees and grasses start to pollinate in your area of the country.

Which means most everyone reading this is well into allergy season this time of year…

Why do these innocuous little molecules cause so much suffering in the first place? Well, these airborne little buggers get absorbed through the lungs or skin into the blood, and cause the white blood cells of allergy-prone folks to produce a ton of an antibody known as IgE (immunoglobulin E).

This is the same immunoglobulin that’s triggered in a classic food allergy, only this time it’s triggered by something you breathe rather than something you eat.

The offending molecules then travel through the bloodstream, and hit cells called mast cells, which are major storage sites for histamine. Once the mast cell takes a hit from the IgE antibody, it begins “leaking” histamine all over the place, producing the familiar and annoying symptoms everyone who suffers from seasonal allergies knows all too well.

Quercetin to the Rescue…

Quercetin is effective for allergies for the same reason it’s effective for asthma—it’s a powerful anti-inflammatory. It also has an “affinity” for mast cells, tending to stabilize their membranes and helping to prevent them from pouring out histamine in response to the IgE antibody.

Jaimison Starbuck, N.D., a naturopathic physician and past president of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, is a huge fan of quercetin. “It strengthens the capillaries in the upper respiratory tract to make them less reactive to the kind of inhalants that trigger allergic symptoms,” she says.

Sometimes people with hay fever simply have very reactive mucous membranes, meaning they have a low threshold for irritation. These membranes may be slightly inflamed to begin with, or tend toward inflammation at the slightest irritation.

“Quercetin tends to decrease inflammation, and it helps support the immune system at the same time,” Starbuck told me. “I’ve had clients who just used quercetin alone and it makes a huge difference in their symptoms and suffering.”

The Natural 3-Step Solution for Seasonal Allergies…

To better manage allergies, I recommend a comprehensive approach that includes changing your diet, trying Dr. Starbuck’s Candied Fruit Peel recipe, and trying quercetin along with some vitamin C as these are, perhaps, the most powerful natural remedy available for allergies.

Here’s exactly what to do…

Step 1: Eliminate Food Allergens…

Seasonal allergies are definitely aggravated by food allergies.

Wheat, dairy, corn, soy, or any of the other common foods that cause food sensitivities can aggravate a seasonal allergy and send it into overdrive. Remember, too, that dairy, wheat, and soy are all potentially mucus-producing foods.

A nice, low-tech “elimination” diet might be just the ticket, at least during the allergy season. Take the offending foods out of your diet for a while and see whether your hay fever symptoms get better.

Step 2: Try Dr. Starbuck’s Candied Fruit Peels…

This recipe is wonderful, because it is chock full of the powerful bioflavonoids that cool off the inflammation that aggravates your allergies. Not to mention it’s delicious!

Here’s how to make it:

Dr. Starbuck’s Candied Fruit Peels

  1. Wash and peel an orange, a grapefruit, and a lemon. Use organic fruits, because you’re going to be eating the peels!
  2. Cut the peels into bite-size pieces. You’re welcome to eat the fruit, but it’s not part of this concoction).
  3. Mix water and organic honey together in a 50-50 mix based on the amount you want to make.
  4. Bring the mix to a simmer, but don’t boil it since boiling will kill the bioactive bioflavonoids in the peels.
  5. Add the peels and simmer until they are soft and coated with the honey mix.
  6. Cool in the fridge and eat like candy.

Eat these several times a day throughout the season.

Step 3: Try Quercetin and Vitamin C…

Quercetin is sometimes called “the king of bioflavonoids”, because it’s one of the most powerful anti-inflammatories around and it’s got a proved track record when it comes to allergies.

Vitamin C is an associated bioflavanoid that works synergistically with quercetin supporting its anti-inflammatory properties.

When taken together they work as a one-two punch that may finally knock out your seasonal allergies once and for all.

That’s why we’re offering a discount on our favorite version of each today.

Alpha-Glycosyl Isoquercitrin by Integrative Therapeutics

This is a very special formulation, and one of the most powerful quercetin supplements on the market. It has nearly 18 times the bioavailability of quercetin aglycone—the active substance you need for allergy relief. Because it is actively and rapidly absorbed, Alpha-Glycosyl Isoquercitrin reaches peak plasma levels in 15 minutes! That means rapid relief, right now!

Take 100 mg, three times a day. When your symptoms are under control, you can scale back to twice or even once a day. 

Alive Organic Vitamin C by Nature’s Way

Alive Organic Vitamin C is a 100% whole-food complex vitamin C made from organic fruit. This supplement is designed to make the vitamin C readily available to your body by including the same complex of bioflavonoids and co-factors found in whole foods. And food-source vitamin C is also naturally buffered, so it’s less acidic and gentler on the stomach.

By following these 3 steps, you may find that the runny nose, itchy, watery eyes, and endless summer sneezing that have been plaguing you for so long are finally at an end.


Wishing You Health and Wellness,

The Rockwell Nutrition Team


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