Killing yeast and thrush safely while breastfeeding

Killing yeast and thrush safely while breastfeeding

 yeast. breastfeedingQ.  I have a 5 week old and I believe we both have thrush. My chiropractor prescribed Biocidin Advanced formula but I wanted to be sure it was safe to take while nursing. I also read that some of the herbs in this product can cause a decrease in milk production? I am taking the HMF Forte Capsules also 1 twice daily. Is it true that I don’t need to treat the baby with either one of these products if I’m nursing? Should I increase the number of capsules?

A.  While Biocidin Advanced Formula is a good product to kill yeast, I would NOT recommend it while breastfeeding your baby.  I do not think we know enough about all the herbs in this product to know if it could negatively affect your baby through your breastmilk.

Right now while you are breastfeeding, I would recommend using this product instead:

  • Alli-Cinn by Pharmax – this is a high potency garlic extract that has been used safely during breastfeeding, and it is very helpful for killing yeast.  I’d recommend starting with one capsule a day, then after a few days increasing to one capsule twice daily with meals.  The only potential side effect is it could give your breastmilk a slight garlic taste, which is not bad.  Several small studies suggest that garlic constituents are secreted in breast milk, and that nursing infants of mothers consuming garlic are prone to extended nursing and an altered flavor in breast milk.

As far as your probiotic, I would recommend for you:

  • HMF Intensive, so you are getting a higher probiotic count than the HMF Forte (it is 3x stronger).  I would recommend 3 capsules a day, one with each meal.  You can save your Forte to use as a maintenance probiotic, but you should stay on the Intensive until your thrush symptoms improve.  You should order several boxes, taking it at this level will only last for 10 days.  Thrush often takes several weeks to improve.

For your infant, since he/she also has thrush, yes, I would recommend you give him/her this specific probiotic for infants:

  • HMF Natogen – Can be mixed into food or bottle 2-3 times daily. Dose is apx what can stick to tip of your finger (apx 33mg or 700 million viable cells). If breast feeding, try wetting your nipple and putting some powder on the tip before nursing. Or, use a tiny plastic spoon (i.e. those found in the ice cream/gelato store when you are doing a flavor tasting). This tiny spoon fits perfectly into the Neonate bottle and then into their tiny mouth, and its easily smeared onto their tongue. You can then follow it with a little breast milk, formula, or let them move it around their mouth with saliva. They may not even notice they have anything in their mouth.

Just a note about these probiotics:
*HMF Probiotics contains NO casein, wheat, gluten, soy, corn, nuts or other common allergens. And are manufactured in a nut free facility.

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