Questions about your BV Protocol

Questions about your BV Protocol

BV Protocol QuestionsHere are my answers to your questions on the Rockwell BV Protocol:

Q: I am going over the instructions and I noticed that it says Day 1-14+ for the suppositories. What does the + mean? Do I take this longer than 14 days?

A: Yes, this is sometimes needed depending on the severity of your infection.  You will get 28 Yeast Arrest suppositories in this kit, so you can use 1 at night, but if you feel your symptoms returning during the day, then you should use one in the morning also to attack it well during the day.  However, in milder cases 1 at night can be enough for some women.

Q: Also, it’s broken into 4 Parts but I am to take these at the same time right? So, if one product says Day 1-14 and another says Day 1-30, I take them at the same time.

A: Yes, it is in 4 parts so it is easy for you to understand all that is involved in helping you get rid of BV.  Yes, if it says Day 1-14 or Day 1-30, you would take these at the same time.

Q: Yes, once I get the kit, I may need more time with you. Have you gotten good feedback on these products working?

A: Yes, we’ve continue to modify our protocol over the years based on what has been the most help to women.  Most of the time it will do the trick to help get rid of it.  Sometimes the Yeast Arrest may not kill out all the bad bacteria strains some women get, and if that happens, then I put them on Suppositories #1 by Wise Women Herbals, and this will do the trick to kill some left over bacteria not killed by the Yeast Arrest.  So, let’s see how you do with your kit.

Q:  what happens if I am in the middle of the protocol and I get my period? How does that work with the suppositories?

A: If you get your period in middle of starting this protocol, then stop the suppositories until you’ve finished your period.  You can resume where you were in the protocol after your period is over.

Q: One more thing, it says I will get 2 HLC Intensive Capsules by Pharmax (30 cap each), but the protocol says I need to take 2 capsules a day for 30 days (that is 60) but also use this as a vaginal suppository Day 14-20 (7 days) so that means I need 67 capsules. What do I do? I won’t have enough.

A: This is true, go ahead and use the 6 capsules as a suppository.  On day 24, then reduce the oral intake of this probiotic to 1 per meal at that time.  With 2 caps for 24 days + the probiotics in the PaleoFiber, your intestines should be well populated by day 24.  Also, I’ve a had a few women tell me that they start to feel vaginal dryness during the 6 days of using these probiotics as a suppository, so if you notice this is happening for you, then skip one night and use the Healing Suppository one night instead, then resume the probiotic the next night.  You can alternate these 2 things every other night if dryness becomes a problem for you.

Be sure you keep your sugar, refined carbs and alcohol intake to a minimum during this program.  Try to get at least 30-60 minutes of activity in daily, as this helps stimulate your immune system.  Just be sure to take a quick shower or rinse & dry well if you get sweaty, and wear cotton undies so the vaginal area gets air.  Avoid wearing tight clothing that doesn’t allow air circulation.  I hope you took a few minutes to read the other info we have on our Rockwell BV Protocol regarding diet, etc to help you along the program!

I’ll look forward to hearing about your progress.  Did you download the PDF so you have it handy?  Click here to download the: Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) Remedy & Supplement Protocol if you have not yet done so

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