Probiotic when there is no bifidobacteria

Probiotic when there is no bifidobacteria

no bifidobacteria, Probiotic  Q. Which probiotic would you recommend for someone who tested to have no bifidobacteria?

A. I would highly recommend HLC Intensive no FOS
This is a good one to start with to re-colonize your intestines, use 1 cap with meals twice a day for 15 days then, if you do not have bad bacteria in your intestines, then follow with this on day 16:

1 box of  HLC Synbiotic. Use 1 packet mixed with water each day for 7 days. Take this with a snack or small meal. Then you can most likely use the HLC Maintenance probiotic.

If you do have bad bacteria, stay on the HLC Intensive until you get rid of the bad bacteria and wait on the HLC Synbiotic. We also have nutritional consultations available if you would like more in-depth help.

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