Prevention of Swine Flu with Muco-Coccinum

Prevention of Swine Flu with Muco-Coccinum

Would Muco Coccinum help prevent  Swine Flu? Q. Is Muco Coccinum effective for prevention of the Swine Flu? Also I have allergies which give me with a chronic cough. Which supplement would help with that?

A. The Muco Coccinum helps to elevate the bodies immune response to any flu. The company makes no claim that it will prevent the Swine Flu, but that is could help the body better respond to an infection of the flu.

At the first sign of symptoms, take one tablet allowing it to dissolve under the tongue. If symptoms persist, take one tablet two or three times during the day. If symptoms continue to persist after three days, discontinue use and seek advice from a health care practitioner.

: Muco Coccinum® 200 may be prescribed right from the beginning of the autumn season, with one tablet to be taken every 15 days.
For particularly sensitive individuals (children and the elderly):
1 tablet per week throughout the winter season.

For your chronic cough associated with allergies, I would recommend working on improving your bodies reactivity to the things you are allergic to. Here are some suggestions to try. Sometimes one may work better than the other, so if choice #1 doesn’t work as well as you’d like, then try choice #2.

Keep in mind, we can also work with the Unda line using 2-4 remedies at once, but you might want to try one of these suggestions first.

Products available in Canada
Muco Coccinum
Aller-gen by Genestra
Allergiplex by Unda

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