Pregnenolone Benefits and Uses

Pregnenolone Benefits and Uses

Benefits and Uses of Pregnenolone The body makes pregnenolone out of cholesterol. Pregnenolone in turn can be used by the body to manufacture more than 150 different steroid hormones including DHEA, estrogen, cortisone, and testosterone.

As we age, the amount of pregnenolone that circulates in our bodies decline. This theoretically affects the availability of all the other steroid hormones since they all come from pregnenolone.

Benefits of Pregnenolone

Memory Support – Lab studies on animals show that pregnenolone has the potential to help enhance memory.

Immune Support – Another study showed that 7-hydroxy metabolites from pregnenolone may potentially aid in promoting a healthy immune response.

Mood Support – A study suggested that by intervening with the release of dopamine, pregnenolone may help support feelings of motivation and better moods.

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