Pregnenolone Reviews

Previously, we tackled some of the research around pregnenolone, what it does, and its possible side effects. In this post we’ll look at some of the actual customer reviews for pregnenolone.

Helps With Mood and Memory


Dollar Bill says pregnenolone did help with his mood and memory. He’s taking it together with DHEA 50 mg and he believes that the combination is helping to slow down his mental aging.

Relief for Night Sweats


MelC’s doctor prescribed pregnenolone with DHEA spray for night sweats. MelC says the night sweats have stopped and is very happy with the product.

The Quality of Pure Encapsulations


User dogsaregreat testifies to the quality of Pure Encapsulations’ pregnenolone. It was recommended to the user by his naturopath and also by his doctor.

Happy with the Price


E. Hauser from Orlando was having a hard time finding pregnenolone locally. He purchased online and is happy with the savings he received.

It Works!


Sarah Kilgour says she “feels a LOT better” when she takes them. Sarah became pregnant after she took pregnenolone. If you’re pregnant and plan on taking pregnenolone, make sure that you consult your doctor first.

Do you have pregenenolone experience you’d like to share? Please comment here. 

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