Please suggest a female multi-vit to replace Centrum that will help eye fatigue?

Q: Could you recommend a good women’s multi-vitamin to replace Centrum and an eye vitamin (I have floaters & spend many hours in front of the computer)?

A. Since you work many hours on a computer, it is important to take care of your eyes. I would recommend these:

  • OcuForce by DFH – is an excellent eye vitamin. It protects the eyes against exposure to light-generated free radicals.
  • Krill Oil – is a high quality fish oil with natural carotiniods which provided added benefits to the eyes, while the essential fatty acids (EFAs) in the oil help reduce inflammation which can be contributing to your eye floaters.
  • Finest Fish Oil Capsules by Pharmax – I would suggest taking 2-4 softgels in addition to the Krill. This also comes in a liquid. If you can take up to 6 fish oil softgels (about 3g of fish oil) a day this should help the floaters and also improve dry eye if you have it.

I addition, to the Ocuforce and fish oils, for a supportive Multi here are a couple of recommendations:

  • Women’s Synbiotic Nutritients – if your are not pregnant or lactating, this one might be good for hormonal support and basic nutrient needs
  • Woman’s Twice Daily Essential Packets, which contain prepacked doses of this DFH Twice Daily Multi along with a bone mineral formula, a female-hormone balancing formula and a fish oil. These daily packets are appealing because they are ready to go and easy to take.

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