How to Trim Holiday Extra Pounds the Jonny Bowden Way

How to Trim Holiday Extra Pounds the Jonny Bowden Way

How to Trim Holiday Extra Pounds

I’ve struggled with my weight all my life.

As many of you know, I was a fat kid, and it’s never been effortless for me to keep my weight at the same place. I do it— largely using techniques I developed over of trial and error—but it’s always taken some work.

Recently, however, I experimented using a new super-fiber to see what effect it would have on a few extra pounds I had added and much to my surprise, it worked incredibly well.

Here’s the story…

How a Super-Fiber Helped Me Become Trim Again…

My girlfriend Michelle and I went on vacation to Jamaica recently.

We stayed at Couples: Swept Away, one of the most beautiful resorts I’ve ever seen. And the food was magnificent.

And plentiful.

Did I mention that it was always available?

Now even an inveterate weight watcher like myself succumbs sometimes to temptation. On this vacation, we made a conscious decision to indulge our culinary senses, to a much greater degree than we do in our regular life. Sure, we played tennis every day, and made great use of the state-of-the-art fitness center, but we also ate.

A lot.

And when I got home, I found that I had gained—wait for it—six pounds.

What to Do When You Put on Those Extra Pounds?

Okay, you say, big deal. Maybe that doesn’t sound like very much. But I’m normally about 150 pounds, and 5-10 pounds on me is the difference between looking really fit and looking a bit spongy.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because people often ask me—a nutrition professional and weight loss expert—what I personally do to maintain my weight. So I’m going to tell you what I did when I got home from vacation.

And I waited till now because I wanted to be able to tell you: it worked.

I’m now back to my “fighting” weight of 150, and, using the same techniques I’ve always used, and I’ll probably stay at that weight indefinitely! (Or at least till the next time we go to Jamaica.)

So what did I do?

Simple. I reached for PGX.

A Short Course in Weight Loss Supplements…

Now, before I tell you all about PGX, let me talk about weight loss supplements. In general, most of them don’t work. But there are a few exceptions, one of which I am going to tell you about now.

It’s not expensive, it’s not exotic, and it’s not sexy, but it works like a charm. I’m talking about fiber.

More than a dozen clinical studies have used dietary fiber supplements for weight loss, most with positive outcomes. When you take the fiber supplement with water before meals, the water-soluble fiber binds to water in the stomach, making you feel full and less likely to overeat. It also suppresses hunger.

Fiber supplements have also been shown to enhance blood-sugar control and insulin effects and even to reduce the number of calories (adding up to about 3-18 pounds a year) that the body absorbs.

One of the most impressive studies of all followed 2,900 health subjects for 10 years and looked at the relationship between fiber, cardiovascular disease, weight, and insulin. The results were spectacular.

Fiber was inversely associated with insulin levels and weight, and the subjects who consumed the most fiber gained less weight over the course of ten years than those who consumed the least.

Now back to PGX…

PGX is 100% fiber, in the form of glucomannan, a water-soluble polysaccharide. And it’s one of the best sources of fiber on the planet. Don’t get me wrong—PGX isn’t a magic pill. But it’s the best aid I know for losing weight when you need to do it quickly and safely.

It’s made from the root of the konjac plant and has been used for helping control blood sugar in people with type ll diabetes.

And it’s the most effective fiber I know of for cutting appetite. It’s also endorsed by such notables as Dr. Michael Murray author of Encyclopedia of Nutritional Supplements.

Remember, it’s easy to be satisfied with less food when you’re not hungry. And, quite frankly, PGX turns my hunger—and craving for sweets—down from a 10 to about a 3.

Coupled with a low-carb diet, the results are (almost) magic.

We’ve searched high and low and looked at nearly every PGX product out there and there is one that stands head-and-shoulders above the rest and has earned our Rockwell Recommends distinction.

PGX Daily By Natural Factors…

This is simply the best PGX product out there. Just take three capsules ½ hour before meals with water. Some people may need less, some may need more. I often take 4-6. You’ll know by the effect on your hunger. If it diminishes, you’ve hit the sweet spot.

And remember, there are no side effects, no jitters, no “speeded up” metabolism, no ephedra, bitter orange, or any other stimulants. It’s safe to use with any other supplement and the only “side effect” is all the good stuff fiber does for you!


Wishing You Health and Wellness,

The Rockwell Nutrition Team


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