PaleoCleanse detox program, Am I supposed to feel a difference?

PaleoCleanse detox program, Am I supposed to feel a difference?

Am I supposed to feel a difference with PaleoCleanse detox program?Q: I recently completed the PaleoCleanse detox program. This was the first time I’ve ever done any type of cleanse so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was surprised to discover that I didn’t notice any change at all in the way I feel! I cut out all dairy, sugar, eggs, gluten, alcohol and caffeine for the length of the cleanse, I drank tons of water, exercised as usual, ate lots of fruit, veggies and fish and I never cheated. I also took the detox supplements as instructed plus I took the Paleo Greens and Fiber in my smoothies along with the Paleomeal every day. When I finished the cleanse I gradually reintroduced all the foods I had eliminated and I still didn’t feel any different.

When I initially ordered the PaleoCleanse and other products I had read all the testimonials that other people had written. Many people had reported feeling so great after doing the cleanse so I was excited to experience the same thing.  I’m curious why I would have not experienced anything different after doing this cleanse.  Before doing this cleanse I was already very healthy. It wasn’t a far stretch for me to give up all the foods during the cleanse as I already mostly eat that way anyway. I don’t drink coffee or alcohol very often, don’t eat processed foods, I exercise several times a week and I already have a Paleomeal smoothie with Greens for breakfast every morning. Maybe I’m just not that toxic?? I would be interested to hear your opinion as to why this cleanse didn’t work for me. Am I supposed to feel a difference?

A:  Thank you for your follow up regarding your experience with the PaleoCleanse Detox Program!  What a surprise to read you haven’t experienced any difference since starting this cleanse, you are one of the few!  However, from what you have written about your healthy lifestyle, it sounds like you were not very toxic as you began this cleanse!

The fact that you don’t eat processed foods, drink coffee or alcohol puts you heads above most people, even yet, you were already using PaleoMeal with Greens, which together significantly helps elevate your body’s glutathione levels.  If you’ve been using these products for a while prior to doing this cleanse, you glutathione and other supportive detox nutrient levels were probably already good. When you have good glutathione levels in your liver, your body does a better job of detoxing you from the toxins of daily living, thus keeping you from an unhealthy build up toxins that can get trapped and result in other many other health issues.

Most people do not have such a healthy diet with a good level of exercise.  These are the folks who will feel the most difference when doing this detox program, as they also are more likely to drink alcohol and coffee on a regular basis too.

So now, after doing this detox program your liver, and digestive tract are probably even cleaner and operating better than probably 98% of people your age!

Thank you for your feedback and questions, and I hope you will continue on your path of good health into the future!

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