Other supplements during the 28-Day Detox

Other supplements during the 28-Day Detox

28-day detox other supplementsQ: I tend to be sensitive so I think I will stick with the 28 days. I usually take krill oil, B vitamins, adrenal complex and a calcium/magnesium supplement. Should I suspend taking all my usual supplements while doing the detox?

A: Sounds like a good idea! Go ahead with your krill oil. As for the Cal/Mag supplements, you may want to cut back on them during the cleanse a bit, though you may not want to completely suspend taking them. The PaleoCleanse is fortified, thought not with high levels of these nutrients. So as you titrate up the dose of the PaleoMeal, you’d want to cut back on the Cal/Mag so that your goal is to get about 800mg / day of the calcium in total. This doesn’t have to be exact, you can go over or under this, but this can be your target goal to meet your daily needs.

As for the B-vit’s, and the adrenal complex, I assume you are taking these due to fatigue, resulting from stress? This cleanse isn’t going to have big impact on your adrenals, as it is not designed to. It is more about liver and digestive function.

You may want to continue with these, but you may (or may not) want to take a lower dose of the B-vit’s than what you are currently taking during your cleanse since the PaleoCleanse is fortified. Perhaps you may want to take your B-vit’s every other day or every day for the additional support if you feel that you need them for your energy and metabolism. However, PaleoCleanse does not have high amounts of any one of the B-vitamins, so if taking you B-vit’s every day help you with your energy, then perhaps that may be the better way to go for you!

Wishing you good success!

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