October 2004 Improvements to All HMF Probiotics


  1. Increase in microorganism potency in each product (50-335%), and no increase in price
  2. Probiotics contain a new isolated strain of both L. acidophilus and Bifido lactis, each affecting the immune system in different manners.
  3. Prolonged storage life at room temperature (up to 6 months) due to improved fermentation and preservation of freeze-dried microorganisms.
  4. Up to 85% more organisms than label to ensure that viability and label claim are always met.
  5. Resistant to stomach acidity and bile acids even when taken between meals when acidity is strongest.
  6. Scientific evidence showing the exceptional ability of HMF probiotics to attach to the intestinal epithelial cells due to the human-sourced organisms. In addition, they quickly and consistently proliferate the GI tract.
  7. Laboratory tests to confirm potency and purity of HMF products.
  8. No additional cost.

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