Nutrient depletion from birth control pills

Nutrient depletion from birth control pills

birth control pills nutrient depletion Q: I’m taking birth control pills to keep from getting pregnant, but I’m concerned about they are doing to my body, and you please provide some guidance?

A: Though birth control pills are helpful to keep women from getting pregnant, they can cause all kinds of problems with nutrient depletions, make women more prone to yeast and BV issues, as well as put women at increased risk for estrogen-sensitive cancers and increased risk for stroke.  Thought the stroke risk goes down the longer you are off them.

You birth control pill will deplete or interfere with many nutrients getting into your body, so taking extra folate is important. Other nutrients your BC pills deplete are: Magnesium, B-vitamins, Vitamin C, Zinc.  BC pills have been associated with increased absorption of calcium and copper and with increased blood levels of copper and vitamin A.  They also reduce menstrual blood loss, so taking extra iron is often not necessary if anemia is not a problem.  Therefore, it would most likely be good to be taking a multivitamin which is does not include iron or copper, and not high in preformed vitamin A (as in palmitate).

A good one I can recommend is: Complete Multi by DFH – this has a high amount of B-vitamins, vitamin C, zinc, and a fair amount of magnesium.  The vitamin A is mostly from carotenoids, which do not have the effect of raising blood levels of vitamin A.  It also has the choice of getting free of iron & copper (which can be selected when purchasing).  This is a 6 cap / day supplement, it is good to take this in divided doses with meals.

I would also recommend that you do this lab test to assess your levels of bad estrogen metabolites in your body:

  • Estronex Profile by Metametrix Labs – Assess risk for estrogen sensitive cancers – once you know your levels, you can work to improve them through diet and supplements.

To help keep yeast issues at bay, it is also important to take a high potency probiotic.  A good one to take is HLC Intensive Caps by Pharmax – one per day with a meal.

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