No gallbladder, would like digestive advice

No gallbladder, would like digestive advice

digestive advice, no gall bladderQ: When we first spoke several months ago, you mentioned LV-GB as a possibility because I don’t have a gall bladder.  At the time, I was using Digestzymes.  I decided to get the LV-GB and am delighted with the product.  It seems to really match my needs.  However, I am wondering if I still need some digestive enzyme support and which product would best complement LV-GB?  Since Digestive Enzymes has bile, I figure that is not the best match but maybe I’m wrong.  In the past I have been dealing with malabsorption problems and multiple chemical sensitivities and parasites and have used GI-Revive and Microb-X to get past it.  That was a year ago now. Lately, though, I have been wondering if my stomach acid could have improved.  I still have some HCL Betaine, but that is very strong and I need to be careful about when I use it.  I do take a probiotic, HLC Intensive at the moment. I will go back to Mindlinx probably next.

A: Thank you for your email follow up on the LV-GB, and other information, which was very informative.  It may be helpful to continue to use the GI-Revive once per day for continued intestinal healing if you are still having issues.  Keep up the good work with the probiotics!

Regarding a good digestive aid with LV-GB, you can certainly use the Digestzymes.  From what you’ve written, it seems like you would benefit from using them as well.  It will not be too much bile for you, especially since you have no gallbladder.  I use them both myself with some of my meals which may be higher in fat on occasion, and I do have a gallbladder!  They work together very well, especially if you need just a little Betaine HCL (200mg) for stomach digestion.  This is less than most Betaine HCL capsules.

There are other supplements with ox bile that are a higher potency than the LV-GB.  We carry one here: Ox Bile 500mg by Allergy Research – this has 500mg of ox bile / capsule verses 75mg per cap in the LV-GB.  This can be used in higher fat meals, when more support is needed.

Sometimes stomach acid product will improve, and you may not need to supplement with Betaine HCL, if you find that the Digestzymes causes you to feel a burning feeling in the stomach, then it may be more than you need.  I would recommend just using some additional enzymes in this case in addition to your LV-GB.

This is one product which has digestive enzymes + ox bile: Pancreation and Ox Bile Extract – this has 100mg of ox bile / capsule – this could be a good one for you to try if you do not need the Betaine HCL.

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