Neuropathy & Digestive Issues

Neuropathy & Digestive Issues

Digestive Issues and Neuropathy Q: My question is regarding my dad. He has neuropathy and digestive issues. He is slim and active but just has those issues that are so disruptive to him feeling well. I want him to start cod liver oil and I’m thinking probiotics. Any other suggestions? What probiotic do you suggest for him?

A: As for your question about your dad, it is helpful to try to find out why he is having neuropathy, only this is sometimes not so easy to determine even by a neurologist.  If he has digestive issues, he may not be digesting his food well enough to absorb the vitamin B12 from his diet, so if this is the case, he may have become deficient in vitamin B12 overtime.  His level can be assessed by a blood test with his doctor.  In the mean time, you may want to try giving him this in case he is low to help get his blood levels up:

B12 Methylcobalamin Lozenges by BioClinic Naturals  – a sublingual B12 in the active form, which is readily absorbed by the body.  Try the 1000mg lozenge, once every day to see if this helps.

Certainly probiotics can be helpful for his overall digestive function, a good one to start him with is this:

HLC Intensive Capsules Pharmax – once per day with a meal.

You may also want to get him on a good digestive aide which has a bit of Betaine HCL to improve his digestion in his stomach.  Is he on any kind of acid blocker or does he have an ulcer?  If not, then this would be safe for him to try with is meals:

Digestzymes by Designs For Health (DFH) – this has a bit of Betaine HCL + Digestive Enzymes to aid in better digestion of his food and absorption of his nutrients from food.

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