Natural Suppository for Strep B Vaginal Bacteria

Natural Suppository for Strep B Vaginal Bacteria

step b vaginal bacteria natural suppositoryQ. My gynecologist indicated that I had strep B (vaginal bacteria). She didn’t prescribe any antibiotics, as she believes it can leave naturally. Do you have a protocol to suggest or any products which could help me?

A. We do have a suppository that is indicated for strep B. It is called Suppositories #1 by Wise Woman Herbals. It contains herbs that are specific to killing these bacterial infections. Insert one 3-4 inches into the vaginal canal at bedtime with an applicator if you have one or use a clean finger (some women use medical gloves). Unfortunately, these do not come with applicators. You may wish to wear a pantyliner to catch any leakage during sleep.

Optional, yet stated on label: “The morning following application, douche with warm water or WWH herbal Douche.”

You might start with the 10 count to see if that does the trick. I would also recommend HMF Intensive Probiotic while taking this. Take one a day with meals. After finishing the 10 days of the suppositories, I would recommend using 1 probiotic as a suppository at bedtime for a few nights to help replenish the good bacteria in the vaginal canal.

As long as you do not have a bad infection, this should do the trick.

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