Natural Antibiotics for Tooth Extraction?

Natural Antibiotics for Tooth Extraction?

Tooth Extraction Natural Antibiotics Q: I was curious to find out what options I had in regards to natural antibiotics. I am going to have a tooth pulled and would like to have something on hand should it get infected. I don’t do well on antibiotics and would like to avoid them – especially since I already have issues with Candida (I do take the HMF Forte religiously).

A:  Here are some recommendations I can make for you to get yourself prepared for your tooth extraction to fight infection and also to combat Candida yeast!

  • Black Walnut Capsules by Genestra – indicated for bacterial, parasitic and viral infections, including candida, fungus and yeast.  Take two capsules two times daily with meals following the tooth extraction.
  • Astragalus Combination #1 by Genestra – This would be helpful to take to support your immune system so it will be able to fight infection better.  Astragalus Combination #1 is a unique formula containing synergistic herbs known for their adaptogenic, antimicrobial and blood-purifying properties, required for the support of the immune system.

Take 25 drops three times daily, 30 minutes before meals.

I see your December purchase included HMF Intensive Capsule.  This would be good for you to take when you start on the Black Walnut Caps.  Take it with a separate meal, one per day until you finish the Black Walnut, once you finish the bottle, then increase the HMF Intensive to 2 caps / day (take with separate meals) for 1 week to really repopulate your intestines.  You can take longer at this dose if needed.

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