My 8 mo baby has Eczema and nothing topical is working.  Please help!

My 8 mo baby has Eczema and nothing topical is working. Please help!

 suggestion for my 8 mo baby has EczemaQ. My 8-month-old baby has Eczema and I have tried everything topical: Shea Butter, Calendula Lotion & Ointment, Garderners Dream Cream, Prevex, Hydrocortisone Cream. Nothing is working. Please help!

A. Did you start your baby on formula or begin including dairy, wheat or soy in her diet? These particular foods are often responsible for eczema. If you have not already, remove all of these foods—dairy, gluten (found in wheat, oats, rye, barley, etc.), and soy. Stick with just vegetables, fruits, and basic meat like chicken, beef (if introduced already), and fats. If breastfeeding, continue and remove those allergenic foods from your diet. If on formula, switch to something free of the allergens. Additionally, begin probiotics and fish oils immediately (for you and your baby).

  • HLC Probiotics— These are human grade probiotics, and will help restore better intestinal health. If she was not breast-fed, or for long, she is deficient in these. Give her 1 capsule, twice daily mixed in with fluids or food.
  • HLC Intensive caps—This is a pure and healthy source of omega-3s important to reverse inflammation and nourish the skin. Give 1/2 tsp daily.

Also reduce any and all sugars, from juice, rice etc. If she has yeast, this will antagonize the problem. Try introducing avocado, coconut oil and organic butter to cook veggies to add more calories. Babies need more fats than carbohydrates at this time. You can use sweet potato, squash, brown rice, broccoli, asparagus, as well as pureed chicken brown rice soup with carrots, turkey and avocado, brown rice pasta with meat, apples stewed in butter or coconut oil, etc.

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