My 12 yo eats only carbs, can you please suggest a non powder protein supplement

My 12 yo eats only carbs, can you please suggest a non powder protein supplement

please suggest a non powder protein supplementQ. What would you suggest as a protein supplement for my 12 yr old son who eats only carbs and refuses to eat protein? He will swallow pills but doesn’t like protein powders.

A. Ideally, you should work on getting your son to start eating some protein rich foods. Some ways you can do this are:

  • egg fortified pancakes or muffins
  • yogurt with fruit and nuts
  • almond butter
  • fried rice with extra egg
  • cream soups using whole milk.

Of course, chicken, fish, and red meats are healthy too. One thing I have found true in children who do not eat proteins is that it often stems from a deficiency of healthy bacteria in the gut. Since the gut is essential to digest protein, children who are deficient literally cannot digest protein, and therefore refuse it. Lack of good bacteria is caused by lack of breastfeeding and antibiotics or other meds. Is this applicable?

Try giving him HLC High Potency Probiotics by Pharmax to restore his gut function. It tastes very good and is administered as a powder with excellent compliance by children. (give him 1/4 tsp. twice daily to begin. Retry protein foods in small quantities to find out if he tolerates them better in about 1-2 weeks)

For now, since your son will not take any protein powders, here is a capsule supplement that he would do well on: Enteric Amino Complex by Pharmax 90 caps

Depending on how his protein needs (based on weight, health level, and physical activity), he would need about 8-10 capsules 2x per day between meals. You will need about 1 bottle per week.

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