4 Ways To Keep Your Body Young

4 Ways To Keep Your Body Young

How To Keep Your Body Young

Our bodies age. That fact is inescapable. But our modern world is riddled with factors that cause our bodies to age well beyond their natural pace. No one wants to feel old in their youth, and science has discovered a number of ways that we can keep our bodies and our minds young. From eliminating toxins, to cutting down on faux-nutrients, to adapting your lifestyle to optimize your body’s chemistry, these 4 tips will help you feel younger than you ever have before.

While snake-oil salesmen will try to sell you “get-young-quick” remedies, the tips offered here are based on decades of research and a comprehensive understanding of what makes our bodies tick. Feeling young means living young and living young means taking care of your body the way it was meant to be taken care of.

Cut Down on “Toxins”

Our body is calibrated, through eons of evolution, to turn the natural flora and fauna around us into the basic building blocks our cells need to function. The problem with this programming is that the “flora and fauna” around us, the processed foods and alcohol we consume, are not constructed in the way nature intended.

Food science is not, of course, an “evil” endeavor. But the synthetic chemicals comprising our modern foodstuffs are of such recent invention that our bodies don’t quite know how to process them. These chemicals build up in our system and interact with our cells in ways that hinder their natural functioning, aging cell membranes, reducing energy levels, and making you feel lethargic.

By cutting back on processed foods and alcohol, and instead eating naturally occurring foods like vegetables and meat (free of antibiotics & hormones), your cells will function better and experience less damage from harmful toxins. The result? A more youthful body and outlook.

Moderate Sugar Intake

Sugar is a precious natural resource. In the time of cavemen, sugar rich foods were hard to come by, and since our primitive ancestors needed immediately accessible energy to outrun predators, their senses learned to highly reward the brain for their consumption.

Once again, the problem with this evolution is that our world has changed. There are no predators; we have readily available food, but our brains still crave sweet, energy rich foods.

With this excess of sugar, and nowhere to put it, our bodies dispense extra insulin in order to break it down. Elevated blood sugar over time leads to diminished insulin sensitivity an increase in fat storage and obesity, prematurely limiting the body’s physical capabilities in dramatic fashion.

Instead of succumbing to sugar cravings, eat a mixture of fruits and vegetables. Vegetables contain fiber, which helps lead to a feeling of fullness, and fruits contain natural sugars that provide energy, without overdoing it.

Exercise Regularly

As mentioned, the problem with our modern lifestyle is a dearth of activity relative to the energy-rich sugars we consume. The perfect remedy to this circumstance, of course, is more exercise.

By exercising regularly approximately 45 minutes per day, 3 to 6 days a week, your metabolism begins to re-calibrate. By creating a need for the energy contained in the food you consume, your body maintains its insulin sensitivity, keeping your energy level high and your risk for type 2 diabetes low.


The effects of stress are easy to perceive. A load of challenging work, money troubles, and relationship problems can leave you feeling irritable, worn-down, and old.

But the effects are further reaching than our psychology can perceive. Research has shown that those with heavy work stress actually have shortened telomeres, the caps on the end of our DNA. These caps affect DNA integrity, which is key to consistent replications of cells. The shorter the telomeres, the more likely cells are to have faults, leading to age-related issues like disease and cancer.

Instead of letting stress mire your natural chemistry, find your center and tap your comfort zone. Whether it’s a bubble bath, massage, or yoga, find the activity that relaxes you most and practice it regularly. It’s not just your psyche that’ll benefit, your entire body will.

Keeping your body young is a challenge in an environment with so many damaging factors. But healthy practices can keep you young well past your years on a mental, physical, and chemical level. Employ the tips mentioned here, and feel younger and healthier sooner.

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