Is there an affordable way for me to consult with a Nutritionist?

Is there an affordable way for me to consult with a Nutritionist?

affordable way to consult with a NutritionistQ. I developed a really bad case of Acid Reflux and had to have surgery for it. After having the successful surgery, I developed other medical problems such as Anxiety and Depression. I have been getting spasms and cramps around the heart area extending towards my abdomen. I can’t afford to see a nutritionist nor a dietician.

A. From all the symptoms you mentioned to me, it sounds like you have a magnesium deficiency. This causes anxiety and muscle spasms, twitching, and an acidic state. This would be one of the first products I recommend you try.

For acid reflux, I recommend you experiment with using digestive enzymes before each meal which could eliminate the problem. Start by taking one before meals and if that does not work, try two before each meal. I recommend Digestzyme by DFH.

Or, if digesting protein is what seems to cause most the reflux, I recommend you try Betain HCL by DFH—one right before each meal.

Continue with the good dietary changes to eliminate sugar, refined/processed food, and trans fats. But most importantly, you need to increase consumption of mineral rich vegetables and salads, and be sure your macronutrient ratio of foods is balanced. This means having protein at every meal, and Omega 3 fats each day. Protein and Omega 3s are very important for fighting depression.

I highly recommend you use Omega Synergy caps by DFH for your Omega 3s. Take 2 capsules twice daily with meals. You will notice a difference in your skin, hair and energy within the first week, and to your brain health within 3 weeks.

For depression, 5HTP has been a huge hit across the country since it has allowed people to get off their toxic antidepressants which either do not work well, or cause side effects. 5HTP is a precursor that your body needs in order to form its own supply of serotonin. Here is an excellent product: 5-HTP Synergy by DFH

Since you cannot meet with a nutritionist, I highly recommend you keep on reading good books to help you make better eating choices and improve your health. It took years for your health to get this bad, so it will take up to a year or more to reverse it using nutritional medicine.

Here are some nutritional books I highly recommend: Brain Health and Wellness, The Second Brain (this book is about poor digestive health and its effect on the brain)

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