Is there a permanent cure for BV or will it always reoccur?

Is there a permanent cure for BV or will it always reoccur?

Woman Asking Question 46Q: Does Bacterial Vaginosis have a permanent cure or is it something that is reoccurring for good?

A. We are still trying to perfect our natural protocol for BV which supports and strengthens the body, but we have received great feedback from several women who are on the forum and have been struggling with severe BV for years.

I believe one of the keys to successful long term treatment is to continue replenishing the beneficial bacteria in the vaginal flora and GI, as well as to have a healthy diet and lifestyle to keep the immune system strong. The quality of your probiotics is incredibly important. Many brands have been tested and found to have literally no viable strains or the wrong strains which do not implant in the vaginal canal. Unless you were using Human Micro Flora (HMF) from Genestra or Pharmax HLC brand (which have been extensively researched over the last 10 years and have 5 published clinical trials), you may have been wasting your time.

Taking the right probiotic can make all the difference in the world. Genestra’s HMF probiotics are human source flora isolated from the vaginal cells of a human. My clients have seen great results using HLC strains (when other probiotics failed) since they implanted and colonized significantly better than the standard dairy or animal probiotic. The human microflora recognizes its own kind.

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