Is there a natural product that can shrink uterine fibroids?

Is there a natural product that can shrink uterine fibroids?

natural product that can shrink uterine fibroidsQ. I have had a large fibroid (8cmx10cmx11cm) plus several smaller ones for at least 10 years. I went into perimenopause… lots of good sized blood clots. On my way home from Asia, I was hospitalized in Bangkok because the bleeding was so heavy I could not get on the plane. I have been doing everything I can to naturally bring my hormones into balance. I have now scheduled a hysterectomy. I am giving it one last ditch effort to try to reduce the size of the fibroid and bring the bleeding under control. Any suggestions?

A. The best supplement I can recommend for this is called: VitalzymX. I encourage you to read the review we recently received from a woman who used these to shrink her fibroids with good success.

Beyond the reviews, we have seen great success with using this product for many people with scarring and inflammatory conditions. This is the new Vitalzyme product, which is 4 times stronger than the older version, so I would highly recommend it for you. Please read the tabs located under the picture of the product for more information about this enzyme product and how it is used. You would need to build up to your activation dose over time, it may be that you need to build up to 3 capsules 3 times a day.

Additionally, could also be helpful to try these:

  • Dioscorea Cream – may be helpful for balancing your progesterone and hormone imbalances. It is a cream you rub on your abdomen, thighs, inner arms, etc, as it is recommended, see “More Info” tab.
  • Unda’s are a line of homeopathic biotheraputic drainage, if you can afford to also include these, I would recommend these to help detoxify and drain your hormonal system. These are the Unda’s I would recommend to use all at the same time 5 drops, 3 times a day into the mouth 20 minutes away from food or brushing teeth:
  • Unda 10, Unda 21, Unda 48 and Unda 245. Here is a link to the Unda section on our website, you can use the Search Box to look up each one I have listed for you. These Unda’s can be helpful in balancing hormones and allowing the body greater capacity to break down and remove the fibriods.

Links to products available in Canada can be reached
Dioscorea Cream
Unda section

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