Is there a homeopathic product to remove toxins from baby vaccinations?

Is there a homeopathic product to remove toxins from baby vaccinations?

homeopathic product to remove toxins from baby vaccinationsQ. I have a 6-week old baby and my pediatrician wants to vaccinate at 2 months and I don’t. I want to delay vaccinations as much as possible and separate them out. If I do decide to vaccinate, I’d like to give him some homeopathic remedies to remove the toxins from his body. Any suggestions?

A. You do have the right as a parent to choose to delay and spread out the vaccines or refuse them altogether. Here are some supplement and homeopathic recommendations to help your baby get through the vaccinations.


These are good for drainage of toxins from vaccines for babies. Use one drop of each 3 times/day directly into the mouth. Give a few days before vaccines & continue for 1 month afterward. These homeopathics last for a long time, so are good to keep on hand for each period a vaccine given.


  • Chlorgen – 1/2 tablet crushed 2 times a day for 1 month after vaccines, but can be ongoing. You could mix it with some applesauce or other baby food. Chlorella is good at binding metals and detox, as well as providing additional nutrients to his diet.
  • HMF Natogen – Can be mixed into food or bottle 2-3 times daily. Dose is apx what can stick to tip of your finger. This is an infant probiotic that is helpful for overall immune function.
  • Cod Liver Oil – 1/2 teaspoon, 1 time a day. Helps nervous system function, as well as immune response.

All of these supplements recommended here can be used on-going for supporting overall immune function and health.

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