Insomnia supplements

Insomnia supplements

supplements for Insomnia Q.  I am experiencing bouts of insomnia.  What supplements are best?

A. Your question is a bit of a difficult one to answer, since everyone has different responses to different things when it comes to insomnia.

Sleep Factors by BioGenesis – probably has the most helpful ingredients for insomnia.  I would suggest starting with 1 capsule, and if that is not enough, then taking 2 capsules.  It has melatonin and other helpful herbs and nutrients for relaxing the body and mind into sleep.

A product I do find very helpful for myself is Liposomal Melatonin by BioGenesis.  This is fast acting melatonin goes through the mucous membranes under your tongue, and usually 1 dropper full is enough for me, though I often use this in combination 2 capsules of  MyoSedate by DFH since it does not have melatonin, but it has the herbs and nutrients to help me relax.  It is usually better if people take the lowest dose necessary when it comes to Melatonin (0.5mg – 3mg) is usually enough to bring on sleep, but often the lower the better so you don’t get a “sleep hangover” the next day.  Using the drops I’ve recommended is an easy way for you to control the dose you are taking to find what works best for you.

I like the little system I use for myself because it is easy to decide what I need to help me to get to sleep.  Sometimes I feel like my muscles are not relaxing (usually due to exercising in the evening) and my mind is tired so I take MyoSedate, but if my mind is active, then I take the Melatonin.  If it is both, then I take both.  Also taking a good magnesium like Magnesium Malate in the evening can also be helpful.  Often insomina is a sign that you are not getting enough magnesium.  Magnesium is very important for relaxing the nerves.

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