Inflammed gums and bump on roof of mouth

Inflammed gums and bump on roof of mouth

bump on roof of mouth and inflammed gumsQ.  I have a large bump on the roof of my mouth, and my gums are inflammed.  What do you think could be causing this?

A.  it sounds like you might have a bacterial or yeast infection going on either in the mouth or intestines or both.  The health of the mouth often reflects the state of health internally.  If you go to see your dentist, he will likely put you on antibiotics or antifungal medication.  We could address this naturally with other remedies that are less damaging to the good bacteria in the probiotics.  If  you are currently taking probiotics you may want to double up on what you are taking now.

Vitamin Deficiencies

Some B-vitamins can manifest in various abnormalities of the mouth, gums and tongue.  A sore mouth is one of the first signs of B6 deficiency; a lack of Folic Acid & or niacin causes the development of ulcerated lips and sore mouth, throat and esophagus.  The gums become puffy, tender, and bleed easily as a result of inadequate vitamin C.

Make sure you are getting higher levels of B-vitamins & vitamin C to correct low levels.  I would suggest taking 1 tsp of Buffered Vitamin C Powder and mixing it with a little water and swishing it in your mouth for several minutes once per day then spitting it out.  Also take this internally, 1 tsp per day.  Other things that can be helpful for inflamed gums is opening a gel capsule of CoQ10 and rubbing it directly onto the gums with a Q-Tip or clean finger, as well as taking it internally.  I would suggest adding CoQ10 (such as UBQH) if adding B-vitamins & vitamin C are not enough.  Are you taking a multivitamin with good levels of B-vitamins?  If not, then I would recommend you do and also consider adding a B-Complex for a while such as the Ultra B-Complex by BioGenesis.

Also, I just learned about a technique of using a high quality oil like sunflower or sesame to use in your mouth to help with mouth problems.  Another client told me about this folk remedy website for something, which is where I learned about this.  It is called oil pulling (OP).  I’ll include the link here where you can read about it and decide if this might be something you want to try for yourself: 

This oil pulling method they describe is a natural way to help heal and protect the mouth and gums, and seems like it might be worth a try.  I’m not too sure about the other claims of pulling toxins out that that this technique does, but I do like what Molly from San Fransisco writes about it which is located under the instructions & how it works.

I would suggest trying these recommendations along with other things you are doing.  If this does not clear up in a few weeks, then we will want to consider antimicrobials/antifungals.

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