Increasing good bacteria levels regardless of stomach acids

Increasing good bacteria levels regardless of stomach acids

stomach acids, increasing good bacteria levels Q: I have had an ongoing problem with low bifidobacterium and low lactobacillus showing up on my stool tests.  I have been using HLC Intensive caps by Pharmax formula after being treated for bacterial overgrowth, however, my good bacteria levels are still low.  Do you have any recommendations on how I can get my GI to start colonizing these probiotics?  Also do HLC probiotics survive stomach acid?

A: I’ve reviewed your account and our past emails, which you wrote to me about having bacterial overgrowth and dysbiosis.  I see that you’ve been using the HLC Intensive, and have purchased 4 bottles in 2010.  If this is all you’ve taken in the past year, then it is no wonder you are still showing low levels of these beneficial bacteria in your stool tests! If you have a bacterial overgrowth in your intestines, this could be a big part of why your tests are showing a low level of good bacteria, as the bad bacteria make it difficult for the good ones to implant on the intestinal wall.  If you have no sensitivities to garlic extract, I would recommend that you start taking this:

Alli-Cinn by Pharmax to help keep the bad bacteria count down.  This product is has anti-microbial properties, without having a negative affect on the good bacteria in the HLC probiotics.  I would recommend taking 1 cap, twice daily.  I know you said you’ve been treated for bacterial overgrowth, but quite often these bad bacteria can repopulate if they were not all killed off and eliminated, so the Alli-Cinn is a nice product to take as a follow up while working on repopulating your intestines with good bacteria. I would also recommend taking this probiotic next:

HLC Synbiotic Packets.  People who take this product should take the product Packets (Sachets) in smaller steps to allow your intestines to get used to the effects of the HLC product. Here’s a routine that I recommend when starting this product which has worked out extremely well for many clients:

  • First Packet take 1/4 serving size once a day (4 Days).
  • Second Packet take 1/4 Serving size twice a day (2 Days).
  • Remaining Packets take 1/2 Serving size twice a day (5 Days).
  • If you break it up through 2 servings a day, it will lessen the gas and still allow the effect of the HLC probiotics to full penetrate your intestines.

This is probably the best product I’ve used and recommended to anyone looking for a serious probiotic treatment.  However, I do not recommend this if you are still suffering from a bacterial overgrowth, as this product has FOS in it, which helps the good organisms colonize throughout the intestines, but the bad ones like to eat it as a food source, so unless you are sure your overgrowth is under good control, then this may not be the best choice for you now.  If this is the case, I would recommend you continue with the HLC Intensive with taking 3-4 capsules daily, one with each meal for 14 days, then continue with 1 capsule daily as an ongoing probiotic for you.  Since you are still showing low levels of bifidobacterium and lactobacillus, then you need to reinoculate with a higher level than what I expect that you have been currently doing. To answer your other question, yes, the HLC Probiotics survive the stomach acid very well when taken with a meal (survival is about 90%), if taken on an empty stomach survival is about 50%, so it is important to take them with a meal.  The research on these probiotics has shown that the food in the stomach acts as a protective barrier to the stomach acid and helps to deliver them into the intestines where they need to be.


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