Improving Intestinal Dysbiosis

Improving Intestinal Dysbiosis

Intestinal DysbiosisQ.  I have Intestinal Dysbiosis.  Even though I take probiotics, I  recently found out I have bacterial overgrowth and am wondering if somehow its preventing the good bugs from sticking.

A.  Improving Intestinal Dysbiosis takes time, and usually a rather large amount of products and effort which help to accomplish what Functional Medicine and Nutrition calls the 4-R’s for Gastrointestinal Healing:

Remove – offending agents (allergenic foods, NSAIDS, alcohol, low fiber foods, and processed foods as much as possible).  Do a stool analysis to help determine the best agents for bacterial & yeast overgrowths and begin treatment with appropriate products.
Replace – digestive enzymes & Betaine HCL as needed, improve diet with low offending foods and nutrients.
Reinoculate – with probiotics, first high level then maintenance level as dysbiosis resolves.
Repair – hypermeability of the gut lining with products that reduce inflammation and help with intestinal healing and detoxifying.

If you have not addressed all of these areas, then this can be why you continue to have problems.  And yes, if you have a bacterial overgrowth in your intestines, this could be a big part of why your tests are showing a low level of good bacteria, as the bad bacteria make it difficult for the good ones to implant on the intestinal wall.  I do not know how much or how often you are taking probiotics, but from our research and experience, the HLC probiotics are the best probiotic strains available for implanting and surviving on the intestinal wall since they are “human strains” and not from dairy, soil or animal.  In review of your account with us, you’ve only purchased 2 bottles of HLC Intensive with us in January and March of this year, and once in Dec of ’09 you bought HLC Synbiotic Packets, which in my opinion and experience is not nearly enough to improve your situation.

If you have not worked with a practitioner to help you with this process I described above, I would suggest doing so.  If you would like a consultation with me, I’d be happy to help you.  Please see the link I’ve provided to select a consultation (email or phone) and I’d be happy to work develop a plan for you to follow in improving your situation, including testing with our lab, Metametrix Labs.

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