Immunokinoko-AHCC: Powerful Protection against a Host of Pathogens

ImmunoKinoko AHCC is what I first think of when I want to arm myself against the Swine Flu, biochemical warfare and other immune attacking health issues.

Throughout history, we’ve always contended with disease-causing bugs. Our ancestors used garlic, salt, herbs and fermentation to kill bacteria, fight infections, and stimulate their immune system. In the 1950s we discovered Penicillin in nature, and have capitalized on its benefits, which we’re now realizing are limited since it doesn’t address viruses, fungus, parasites or tumor cells.

As our human race and hunger for survival persists, so does the mission for more effective medicine. Today, we want to share with you the news about a special plant extract from Japan which can literally help people prevent and fight disease caused by resistant bacteria, fungus, tumors, and viruses. It comes from hybrid medicinal mushrooms, and is manufactured through an enzymatic fermentation process. AHCC promotes numbers and activity of T-cells, Natural Killer Cells, and infection detecting Dendrites.

Research has proven AHCCs ability to protect against Avian flu and West Nile viruses, Methyl resistant bacteria (MRSA’s), opportunistic infections including Candida Albicans, and cancer.

Over 80 valid studies have been published supporting the evidence that AHCC helps the immune system respond to pathogens and tumors. It has been studied by researchers at Harvard Medical School, Yale University School of Medicine, and other highly qualified medical institutes. Currently, we have several clients with some forms of cancer using AHCC with some reported decrease in cancer spread and/or tumor size, thus living a better quality of life. If you haven’t already added it to your 21st century survival tool box, now is the time!

Check out the scientific research and videos on ImmunoKinoko-AHCC

For more information on dosing or other questions, you may contact Rockwell Nutrition’s Licensed Health Care Team.

-Rachael Richardson, RD, LN.

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