Immune Support while Breastfeeding?

Immune Support while Breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding Immune Support Q:  I was just wondering if the Muco Coccinum by Genestra (Homeopathic Flu support) and Multi Mins by Genestra were safe to take while breastfeeding?

A:  In regards to your question about taking these 2 products while breastfeeding:

  •  Muco Coccinum by Genestra (Homeopathic Flu support) – Safety for use with breastfeeding with this product has not been established.  I’ve consulted with Seroyal & another ND on this topic, and they both advise against it until more is known.  It is best to rule with caution because of your changing system and hormones. Nurturing products to protect and keep you well is best.
  •   Multi Mins by Genestra – for this product, it would be fine to take while breastfeeding.  You can take 1-3 capsules per day for mineral support.  If you are taking a multivitamin + mineral product at this time, then you should probably only take 1-2 capsules of this a day, so you won’t overdo on minerals.  If your baby has any changes as a result (i.e. constipation or spitting up) once you begin this, then it may not be worth taking until you stop breastfeeding.

Other products which can help keep your immune system up and working and would be safe to take in this amounts while breastfeeding are these:

  • Amino NAC – 1 capsule / day with a meal – this helps the body build glutathione, which helps improve your immune response.  I don’t recommend going over 1 cap / day while breastfeeding.
  • HMF Intensive by Genestra – 1 capsule / day with meals to improve immune system & intestinal flora.  Having good gut flora is essential to a healthy immune system.  This is a very high level of support.  It would be good to take for several months to get your gut build up, then if you are doing well, going to the HMF Forte would be the next level down, which is a high level maintenance probiotic.

Hope this is helpful for you.   Please see the links provided for more info on these products & to order.   When you check out with your online purchase, you may select a free 15 minute consult with me again for the future if you wish to have further guidance.

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