I have a re-occuring yeast infection, what do you recommend?

Q: I have a re-occuring yeast infection, what do you recommend?

A. 1) Yeast/Candida is in your system and not just in your vaginal canal. You must pay very close attention to your diet and eliminate the foods or drinks which are feeding the yeast. See our complete nutritional program for anti-Candida diet as well as supplements.

2) Use HLC CandiClear suppositories after using Yeast Arrest Boric Acid for 2 weeks. These CandaClear are made with human strain probiotics derived a healthy human vaginal cells, thus your body will recognized it and it will adhere quite well to re-establish balance. It is very different from any other probiotic.
HLC Candaclear by Pharmax: I recommend you use one a day for a week, and then keep then once or twice a week for maintenance.

3) Take oral probiotics such as HLC High Potency during Boric Acid treatment and in general to help rebalance the good flora which is missing in your system.
HLC High Potency powder: ½ teaspoon twice a day for 3 months, and then just a couple times a week for maintenance.

4) Take an antifungal daily such as Alli-Cinn (freeze dried garlic plus cinnamon oil) to kill off yeast in your GI which is what can keep vaginal yeast infections coming back. Take 2 twice daily with meals during treatment, and 1 per day for maintenance. This supplement is very powerful and quite good for you in general. Keep it on hand. My clients who have had lifelong problems with yeast infections say this product works exceptionally well for them. If you find out you have more severe yeast issues in your GI after stool testing, you can use Colon Guard instead of Alli-Cinn. Colong Guard is a bit more powerful, but not for long term use.

5) Strengthen your Immune system with a healthy lifestyle, stress reduction, exercise, and eating nourishing foods

Although initially, it may seem like you need to take a lot of supplements, you’ll only need a couple of them for maintenance after you’ve strengthened and rebalanced your system. The goal is to strengthen your body so it can keep yeast in check. If you are prone to these infections, you’ll most likely always need to be on a maintenance protocol of HLC High Potency probiotics, and Alli-Cinn.

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