I feel a light headed inhaling Aroma 13 deeply.  Does it affect blood pressure?

I feel a light headed inhaling Aroma 13 deeply. Does it affect blood pressure?

Inhaling Aroma 13: Does it affect blood pressure?Q. Can you provide me with more information about HTHY Thyroid drops? Also, I am taking Aroma 13 for sinus; however, I have high blood pressure, and feel a bit light-headed after inhalling it deeply. Will Aroma 13 affect my blood pressure?

A. HTHY Thyroid drops by Genestra is a homeopathic organotherapy preparation synergistically formulated for the support and balance of the immune, reproductive and endocrine systems. Studies show that the thyroid acts as the regulator for the entire glandular system, thereof if you are having any hormonal imbalances, the thyroid may be part of the problem.

I am unsure as to whether you are taking thyroidium from us via the above product or whether it is from another source, which I would not be able to comment on.

When you take Aroma # 13, are you inhaling by wet or dry method? You may want to change the method or try using fewer drops or more diluted solution so that you don’t experience a “high”. However if you are really congested I wonder if the sensation you are experience is oxygenation of your brain cells.

For high blood pressure, we certainly have some effective and safe supplements to aid. Certainly I would recommend Super EFA liquid by Genestra to promote vessle and blood health- this contains healthy levels of omega-3 fatty acids. However you will need to be monitored when beginning and possibly need to taper off of the baby aspirin. Super EFA’s may be a better choice over the aspirin (they do the same thing- but in different ways) as they spare your intestines- a very critical organ for good health.

Super EFA Liquid by Genestra: (Begin by taking 1 tsp daily, monitor blood pressure, work with MD/ND/Pharmacist- may want to cut down or eliminate aspirin simultaneously while increasing EFA dose to 1 TBS. daily. This will help not only your blood pressure, but your overall cardiovascular system as well as brain and hormonal health- thyroid too!)

Additionally I recommend this Mag Cal Plus by Genestra to aid in the relaxation of your blood vessles (blood pressure): (Take 2 tablets 2 times daily to aid in blood pressure, relaxation and rest)

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